hack you 2014


22 Jan 2014 17:50 MSK — The online services have been brought down, use their source code to pwn them.

15 Jan 2014 22:53 MSK — Online services were updated with their complete source code that wasn't given during CTF. Have fun trying and solving those after the flag submission deadline ;)

15 Jan 2014 18:52 MSK — We begin gathering a list of your write-ups! Please drop us a link in IRC channel or via e-mail when you've published them.

15 Jan 2014 18:00 MSKThe CTF is over! No more flag submits are accepted. Congratulations to Top-5: ymgve, Natus Vincere!, AV1ct0r, phiber, dloser and thanks to every single person playing!
In couple hours there will be a list with the write-ups. Tasks will be up and running at least for a week, for you to write your solutions. Please tweet your writeups with hashtag #hackyou2014. Some game statistics are to follow soon.

14 Jan 2014 14:00 MSK — Please defer publishing your write-ups until CTF ends 15 Jan 2014 at 18:00 MSK

14 Jan 2014 02:34 MSKBroken Marquee: pixel data

13 Jan 2014 02:34 MSK — Hint for Broken Marquee: 99% pixels are broken. Also, recognized pixel data will be published if no-one solves it in the next 24 hours.
Hint for Jailbreaker: figure it out yourself, it's not hard at all, goddammit!

10 Jan 2014 18:00 MSK — The game is live, go go go! Feel free to sign up during the game. CTF goes on till 15 Jan 2014 18:00 MSK

07 Jan 2014 13:37 MSK — We announce our third hack you CTF, which is an individual computer security competition held by ITMO guys (Hardc0de and Leet More).

The registration is open! The game starts 10 Jan 2014 18:00 MSK, finish time: 15 Jan 2014 18:00 MSK (runs for 5 days straight)
Please sign up individually, prepare for 20 good old Jeopardy tasks, and may the skill be with you ;)

IRC: #hackyou2014 @ FreeNode, E-mail: hackyou@ctf.su


2Natus Vincere!4400


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